Why do winterboard themes not work

Ever since the winterboard update someone had trouble in applying a new winterboard theme. For example, winterboard themes could not work, some icons do not dim. Now, here is the way to fix them.

1. If you install a new version of winterboard, you must turn the summerboard mode on.

2. If you are using ios4.x, besides, it is not working in English, you must rename the file icons under rules. If not, winterboard could not recognize the icon in your current language. The reason is that the document ios4.x/System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/(language)/LocalizedApplicationNames.strings no longer exists.

Specific conversion rules are as follows:

Messages.png −> com.apple.MobileSMS.png
Photos.png −> com.apple.mobileslideshow-Photos.png
Camera.png −> com.apple.mobileslideshow-Camera.png
Music.png −> com.apple.mobileipod-AudioPlayer.png
Videos.png −> com.apple.mobileipod-VideoPlayer.png
iTunes.png −> com.apple.MobileStore.png
Weather.png −> com.apple.weather.png
Installer.png −> com.nullriver.iphone.Installer.png
Calendar.png −> com.apple.mobilecal.png
Youtube.png −> com.apple.youtube.png
Notes.png −> com.apple.mobilenotes.png
Contacts.png −> com.apple.MobileAddressBook.png
Maps.png −> com.apple.Maps.png
Clock.png −> com.apple.mobiletimer.png
Calculator.png −> com.apple.calculator.png
Settings.png −> com.apple.Preferences.png
Stocks.png −> com.apple.stocks.png
VoiceMemos.png −> com.apple.VoiceMemos.png
AppStore.png −> com.apple.AppStore.png

Safari.png −> com.apple.mobilesafari.png
Mail.png −> com.apple.mobilemail.png
Phone.png −> com.apple.mobilephone.png
iPod.png −> com.apple.mobileipod.png

Popular third-party Apps:
Finder.png −> com.googlecode.MobileFinder
Terminal.png −> com.googlecode.mobileterminal.Terminal
winterboard.png −> com.saurik.WinterBoard.png Cydia.png −> com.saurik.Cydia

After conversion, no matter which language you used, all themes can work perfectly.

Also, if you install themes with iSpirit, do not have to manually rename icons.