iPhone 4S Theme
LS Draggy iPhone theme
LS Draggy iPhone theme
LS Draggy iPhone theme

LS Draggy iPhone 4S theme

Ver 0.1.3

By cTn, Jun 25, 2012 updated, 864KB, 23,237 views

Main Features:
Clock Widget
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 3GS
iPod Touch 3
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:
Lockscreen Clock Hide


Another animated HTML lockscreen for winterboard:
Includes 4 "default" wallpapers
Purely minimalistic (includes both 24h and 12h version)

Slide your finger to the left or right to change wallpaper, wallpaper you choose is saved and will be displayed next time you lock/unlock your device

You can change the wallpapers by replacing 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg in Images folder, if i can i recommend using jpg images (otherwise you would have to edit LockBackground.html) also try to optimize the jpg (for example in photoshop) because with smaller filesize of used wallpaper lockscreen loads faster and eat up much less resources.

This skin was build on iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1
I always try to optimize both code and graphics for 3th gen and 4th gen devices
(but i cant guarantee if it will work on other devices/firmwares)

iOS 4.2.1+
Winterboard (preferably latest version)
Lockscreen Clock Hide (this package doesn't add any new icons, its settings is available through the system settings)
20 Second Lockscreen (if you want to "play" with your lockscreen a little longer)

Wallpaper Did You Say Green?
Wallpaper Upojenie Room

I am missing the credits for the last 2 wallpapers

22.06.2012 - 0.1.2 initial release
25.06.2012 - 0.1.3 Better support for older devices (should work from 4.2.1+), various performance improvements, thanks noodle98 for beta testing on iPod touch 2G

Happy skinning!

If you like my work and have any spare change please DONATE - Paypal

Thank you

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Price: Free!

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