iPhone 4 Theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme
Love Music HD iPhone theme

Love Music HD iPhone 4 theme

Ver 1.0

By Cassie Koslowsky, Feb 13, 2011 updated, 7.34MB, 15,857 views

Main Features:
Apps Icons
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4
Compatible iOS versions:
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Love Music HD is a complete theme great for anyone who loves music or just wants a fun, bubbly theme.

It has unique music notes that are used as Springjumps to take you from page to page without having to scroll. Love Music HD makes it easy to organize your icons with Category icons for your Apps, Games, Media Player, and Tools. The theme comes with icons for all of your applications, SMS Backgrounds, Color Mod, Charging Battery theme, and slider.

It also has a folder inside the theme with EXTRAS! EXTRAS include TWO different dialer keypads (making a total of THREE dialer keypads to choose from including the one already set in the theme), TWO alternative SMS backgrounds (making a total of THREE SMS backgrounds), an alternative lockscreen wallpaper, and extra icons which can also be found in the Icons folder. Love Music HD comes with enough extras to make it easy for anyone to customize it to be exactly how they want it!



1. Open Categories. Create 3 folders naming them exactly how they are written here: Apps Games Tools
2. You may choose any icons for these folders since they will change to the ones I have supplied.
3. Place all of your Apps into the Apps folder, but LEAVE OUT - Phone, Mail, SMS, WinterBoard, Cydia, iTunes, Safari, Settings, Clock, and any apps that you use regularly (which will be placed on the last page).
4. Place all of your Games into the Games folder, but LEAVE OUT 3 games that you play the most.
5. Place all of your Tools into the Tools folder.
6. NEXT go into SpringJumps. Go into Jump Icons and turn on Page 0, Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3. Make sure to turn off Page Titles.
7. NEXT go into iBlanks. Create 48 iBlanks. There will be 12 iBlanks on each page.


*I also included screenshots of where the icons and iBlanks should be placed to make it easier.
1. Your SpringJumps will be arranged on the dock at the bottom of the screen. Place Page 0, Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3 in that order on the dock.
2. Your iBlanks need to be set up with 4 iBlanks on the first row (these iBlanks on the top row will make it so that you will be able to see the clock when the theme is activated), 3 on the 2nd row, 2 on the 3rd row, and 3 on the 4th row on every page.
3. On the FIRST page of your Springboard, you should have your 4 iBlanks on the top row, then the 3 on the 2nd row with Phone on the right side of the screen. On the 3rd row, place your Apps folder on the very left side, then 2 iBlanks, then Mail. On the 4th row, 3 iBlanks then SMS on the very right side.
4. On the SECOND page, you will arrange it the same way you did on the first except you will put your 3 games on the right side of the screen and your Games folder in the 3rd row on the very left side of the screen.
5. On the THIRD page, arrange it the same as the first and second page except place your iPod icon in the 3rd row all the way to the left THEN place Cydia, Winterboard, and iTunes on the very right side.
6. On the FOURTH page, again, arrange it the same way as the previous pages except place your Tools folder in the 3rd row on the very left and Safari, Settings, and Clock on the very right side.
7. On the FIFTH page, you may place your extra icons anywhere you like.

If you would like to place your Camera and Pictures or any other ones on the different pages, you can do that as well. That is just the way I have it set up.
AFTER your icons are all set up, go into WinterBoard, check ONLY the LoveMusicHD theme and No Icon Shadows-iBlank.

*FOR YOUR IN-CALL WALLPAPER.. copy the Call Wallpaper from inside of the Love Music HD theme into your Photos. Go into settings and set it as your wallpaper and it will then show up when you are on the phone.

Respring and ENJOY!

Price: $0.99

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