iPhone 5 Theme
LS Organic iPhone theme

LS Organic iPhone 5 theme

Ver 1.0

By d3stroy, Jun 27, 2013 updated, 3.49MB, 59,931 views

Main Features:
Weather Widget
Clock Widget
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 5
iPod Touch 5
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:
Lockscreen Clock Hide
Slide to Unlock Killer


LS Organic, this time... no horizontal text

Had this "concept" floating around before reventon, decided to finish it.

There are some minor changes to the settings file, this time you are able to set the weekday starting on monday or sunday, just change it to true or false, translation has been taken care of.

Thought this would look great, especially with the wallpaper.

There is a tiny animation underneath the slider, though you can delete the code and image if you don't want this animation to show up.

Price: Free!

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