iPhone 5 Theme
LS Random Wallpaper i5 iPhone theme

LS Random Wallpaper i5 iPhone 5 theme

Ver 1.0

By hirstmusic, Feb 19, 2013 updated, 25.88MB, 35,895 views

Main Features:
Color Keyboard
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 5
iPod Touch 5
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:
Lockscreen Clock Hide
Slide to Unlock Killer


I'm a minimalist kind of guy. So I wanted a clean lockscreen that offered a random lockscreen wallpaper. I put this together and thought I'd share it. The lockscreen wallpaper changes on every unlock (randomly chooses from a set of 42 images).

1. If you want to change the photos, add them to the "images" folder. Make sure they're named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, ect.
----> If you want more or less than 42 images, update the configuration.js appropriately.
2. If you want another feature added, I'm not the geek you're looking for. Feel free to modify and re-post!

If you'd like to thank me, I'm a songwriter with 70+ free songs at hirstmusic.com. Feel free to download my music and share it. Your attention is worth far more than your money to me. I appreciate it

Price: Free!

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